Associate Executive Coordinator

Terri Buchanan was introduced to the Adventurer organization as a parent of a 4-year old Little Lamb, Gayle. She liked the program and became involved as a staff member in 2005 as a Deputy Director of the Calvary Cardinals Adventurer Club in Newport News, VA. Terri has been dedicated to youth growing in Christ ever since.

Terri recognized the value of continuing education of staff and she pursued and became a Master Guide in 2007. She continued her education by earning the certificates for Pathfinder Leadership and Pathfinder Instructor.

Terri attended the 2009 Courage to Stand International Camporee where she earned her first master patch for Naturalist along with her daughter, Gayle. Terri then completed all the Pathfinder classes including the advanced classes in the following years, finishing in 2014.

Terri became involved in assisting with instruction of the Pathfinders in drill and helping prepare the Calvary Cardinal Basic Drill team for competitions in the Pathfinder Fair at Pine Forge, PA for the years 2011-2013 where the Calvary Cardinals placed first each year.

Terri served as Deputy Director in Adventurers until January 2013 when she became acting Director of the Calvary Cardinal Pathfinder club for a year while the director served a tour abroad in the Navy. In January 2014, Terri was elected to be the director of the Calvary Cardinal Adventurer Club and to serve as the Youth Ministries Coordinator for Calvary.

Terri was elected to be the Virginia Area Coordinator of the AEC Pathfinder Association in 2014 and received her 2-star shoulder bars while attending the Forever Faithful International Camporee.

Terri enjoys camping, hiking, backpacking, and fishing with her husband, Charles and children, Will and Gayle. She loves the outdoors and going for runs and walks with her Australian Shepard, Mick.

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