Craig Martin Davis was introduced to Adventism at a very early age. He was baptized well before the age of 10 and joined the then Liberty Tribesmen (now Lightbearers) pathfinder club shorty after. Pathfinders fostered a love of nature and the outdoors in Craig, and as an adult he ardently believes that time in nature, away from distraction of life and technology, is something that can be instrumental in bringing our young people to a true relationship with Jesus Christ.
Craig Davis has worked tirelessly in youth ministries on both a church and area level. He has served as; Youth Elder, various roles in the Pathfinder club, Home and School assistant and leader for our local church school, AYS assistant and leader, served on the church school board, performed various roles in B.A.Y.H.A.’s youth federation. Elder Davis believes that developing our church’s systems for nurturing our youth is key to becoming the Church that God has called us to become. He states that ,as a church, our youth and young people are often the largest group of unsaved souls that we have corporate access to on a regular basis.
Craig’s goal as chaplain is to work to coordinate and facilitate opportunities where our young people can connect with Jesus Christ.

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