Wanda Banks-Green, She is a member of Germantown Seventh-day Adventist church located in Philadelphia, PA. She has been involved with the Pathfinders for over 20 years. Her career as a Pathfinder started out as a Pathfinder parent. Shortly there after, she was recruited as a counselor. Two years later she became the Director of Germantown Lenapes Pathfinder Club.

As with many, Pathfinders has helped her in her Christian walk. She enjoys working with the youth. “They have a way keeping me young at heart and enthused about the love of Jesus.”

She has served on the Allegheny East Pathfinder Executive Committee as the Assistant Secretary since 2008. She is an executor and had the opportunity to utilize her talents; Event Planning; to plan her first of many Pathfinder Association Banquet in 2009.

Place of Birth: Philadelphia, PA
Spouse: James Green
Children: Ronald Ameer and Aneesah Zaakiyah
Interests: Floral arrangement and design, baking (known for her famous cheese cakes and pound cakes), collecting figurines by African -Americana artists, traveling, walking and swimming.

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