Baltimore Associate Area Coordinator

Alfred Renard Jones has been working in Pathfinder Ministry for over forty years, serving as a Pathfinder, Drummer, Drum instructor, Instructor, Counselor, Drill Master, Honors Coordinator, Camping Coordinator, Chaplain, Deputy Director, Club Director, Assistant Area Coordinator, Color Guard Instructor, Fair Coordinator, Seminar Presenter, Friend, Companion, Explorer, Pioneer (Ranger), Voyager, Guide, Master Guide, PLA, PIA.

His proudest accomplishments are Counselor and Master Guide because those are titles and attributes ascribed to Jesus Christ our Saviour and Lord. His favorite passage of scripture is Galatians 5:14, For all the law is fulfilled in one word, even in this; Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself. His favorite saying is “Whatever you do do it well, work for heaven or work for hell. There is no in between.”

He’s served with the Ebenezer Warriors, Newark Pioneers, Washington First Church SpartoAthenians, Liberty LightBearers and Glenridge Voyagers.

Other Ministries: Usher, Deacon, Drama Ministry, AY, Sabbath School, Bible Worker, Street Ministry, Family Life, Men’s Ministry, Finance Committee, Colporteur, Missions, Transportation, Children’s Story Teller, Sign Language, Music Ministry, Education, Publishing

Occupation: Teacher

Education: BS Special Education, Elementary Education, Language Arts,

Master of Public Administration, Masters +30 Education Endorsement

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