Joycelyn Fyfield; CPA, MBA, CFE:

Joycelyn Fyfield is a member of the Breath of Life SDA Church. She first became involved with the Pathfinder Ministry when her youngest child joined the Breath of Life Buccaneers Pathfinder Club in 2011. Even with a hectic work schedule and singularly raising three children, Joyce quickly became passionate about the Pathfinder Ministry, as she desired to reach the young people through this powerful ministry.

Accordingly, her involvement quickly exceeded that of just a parent. Wishing to expand her knowledge and training, she promptly completed the Master Guide program in 2012, the PIA in 2013 and the PLA in 2014 while completing the Friends to Guide curricula over this 3 years period.
Joyce work as an accountant has fully equipped her to serve as AEC treasurer. She has over 30 years of accounting experience and attained her first accounting degree in 1991. She is currently pursuing her Certified Global Management Accountant (CGMA) certification.
Everywhere she has been blessed to work and/or volunteer, Joyce carries an indelible mark of trust and honesty. Her trust and reliability as a financial person has been validated with her volunteer work as treasurer for many groups. We are glad to welcome Joycelyn Fyfield to the AECPA Pathfinder Family.

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