Drill Coordinator

Alanna Bullock was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA where her Pathfinder days first began. She started camping at an early age with her parents who were proud members of the West Philadelphia SDA Church and the West Philadelphia Sequoia Pathfinder Club. Once she joined the Pathfinder Club she stayed an active member of the Sequoia Pathfinder Club and was one of the original members of the West Philadelphia Drum Corp.  She loved being involved in church-based activities and continued with Pathfinders straight through high school and some of her college years.

She had a little hiatus from Pathfinders but she proudly found herself using those skills again as a Reservist in the United States Army. She did not know how much her pathfinder skills would be so useful, as she was deployed to Iraq for 15 months. As they say, once a pathfinder, always a pathfinder.  Just as her parents raised her in pathfinders, she and her husband are doing the same with their children.

She is currently a member of the Mt. Olivet SDA Church in Camden New Jersey.  She is the Assistant Director of the Camden-Ashanti Pathfinder Club.

She has been a member of the Allegheny East Pathfinder Executive Committee as AEC Drill Coordinator since 2005.  Her goal is to always be a soldier for Christ, and most importantly to be prepared to lead her troops, “The Pathfinders” to heaven, where she plans to be!

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