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Associate Executive Coordinator


John Hall, Associate Executive Coordinator, has had a long history with the Pathfinder Organization. He started working with the Ebenezer Warriors when he returned from the armed service in Viet Nam in 1969. He has over 40 years with pathfinder clubs and most of them have been as director in Cincinnati, Ohio and Germantown, Pennsylvania. In Cincinnati, he had a club of over 60 pathfinders and a staff of 20.

John loves camping and if you ask any of those pathfinders over the past 40 years, they will all tell you of his famous hikes through the woods. John loves children and loves to mentor them. His pathfinders are all over this country and are in such professions as doctors, lawyers, a judge, nurses, teachers and a host of other professions.

John is married to the former Toni Caldwell and has six lovely daughters. So far he has eight grandchildren.