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Honor Club of the Year

An Honor Club is a club that plans and executes a complete Pathfinder program that is reported in the mandatory monthly reports. Clubs must complete required items below in order to qualify.

Pathfinder Honor Club of the Year Requirements Checklist

1. Monthly Reports [Required]

  1. Score 90pts or more each month 
  2. Minimum of (9) monthly reports

2. AECPA Constituency Meeting [Required]


3. Pathfinder Sabbath [Required]


4. Investiture Service [Required]


5. Pathfinder Fair [4] [Required]


6. Camporee[1] [Required]

7. PASS Uniform Inspection [2] [Required]


   8. Outreach [Required]

9. Dues Paid on time by Nov 30th [Required]

10. Staff Training [Required][3]

11.  PASS Campsite Inpsection at Fair  [Required]

Banner Club will be made to those clubs who complete eight (8) or nine (9) of the eleven (11) required items above.

In order to receive Honor Club or Banner Club recognition, clubs must be registered (dues paid) to the Allegheny East Pathfinder Club Association by the November 30th deadline as noted in the Director’s Resource Manual.

[1] Such as Allegheny East, Columbia Union, BAYDA, North American Division, if held.

[2] PASS is Scoring 90% or Higher.

[3] At least 25% of the club’s staff must participate in Conference-sponsored or Area training each pathfinder year in order to qualify.

[4]  80% of your club must be present. Your club must participate in the required events.  Your club must participate in at least 50% of the field events.